Abby Choi Autopsy Report Latest New

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According to the Oriental Daily, the family and close friends of model Abby Choi, arrived at Phu Son Funeral Home on the morning of February 28th to identify her body. The Abby Choi Autopsy Report revealed that her body was not intact, causing great sadness among her loved ones. After a two-hour identification process under strict police supervision, her family members and current husband were seen wearing sunglasses, masks, and avoiding the camera’s lenses. The autopsy report also noted that the search and retrieval of her remains were challenging due to the impact on her body. Despite efforts to search for DNA and fingerprints, the examination did not yield effective results. Follow with bloggiaidap247.com !

Abby Choi Autopsy Report Latest New

Who was Abby Choi ?

Who goes by the stage name Abby Choi, was a 28-year-old model. She was a prominent Hong Kong influencer and the wife of a member of the Dam family conglomerate.

Who was Abby Choi ?

She was a fashion model who often attended lavish high-society parties and participated in film premieres alongside Jackie Chan. In addition to this, she frequently participated in major fashion weeks such as Paris, and appeared on the electronic cover of Lofficiel Hong Kong with the title “one of the most famous and influential people in the industry,” as well as in Vogue magazine.

Abby Choi Autopsy Report

The Hong Kong authorities have not released an official Abby Choi autopsy report, but the police have revealed gruesome details about her murder. The suspects admitted to carrying Abby Choi into a house where she was attacked with a knife and dismembered. The husband’s house was found to be covered up, with a meat-cutting machine, gloves, and other tools purchased in advance. To conceal the crime, they hid Abby’s body in a refrigerator, even cooking some of the pieces. At the crime scene, investigators found the victim’s handbag, personal documents, and belongings.

Abby Choi Autopsy Report

The investigation agency is still actively searching for missing parts of Abby Choi’s body. As of now, there has been no official Abby Choi autopsy, but given the nature of the crime, it is likely that a full autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause and manner of her death. CCTV footage near the scene captured a man carrying a large foam box outside and driving away during the time of the incident. Therefore, the police suspect that Abby Choi’s remains were discarded elsewhere outside the crime scene.

Abby Choi Autopsy News Update

Local media reported that law enforcement in Hong Kong (China) has been deployed to search a landfill after security cameras captured footage of one of the suspects carrying bags from a rented house in Tai Po to the garbage collection area, one day after model Abby Choi went missing on February 21.

  • Police suspect that the bags may contain some part of the victim’s body. The Tai Po garbage is collected and transported to the landfill, so the police are conducting the search there.
  • The landfill is almost the size of a football field and contains thousands of tons of waste. It may take the search team two to three days to complete the search.
  • Earlier, the police searched a cemetery and nearby drains, but found nothing.
  • “The bags may contain the victim’s clothing, body parts, or other evidence,” the police said.
  • At the house rented by Abby Choi’s former father-in-law, police found the victim’s leg in the refrigerator along with some personal items. Later, they found the head and some ribs in one of the two soup pots brought from the house. They are still searching for the arms and torso of the 28-year-old model.
  • Members of Abby Choi’s family are expected to identify her remains at the morgue on February 28.

Abby Choi Autopsy News Update

The day before, four suspects in the horrific murder case, including Abby Choi’s former father-in-law, appeared in court. Kwong Kau (65 years old, former father-in-law), Anthony Kwong (31 years old, former brother-in-law), and Alex Kwon Kong-chi (28 years old, former husband) were charged with murder. Jenny Li (63 years old, former mother-in-law) was charged with obstructing the investigation process.

Abby Choi’s parents broke down, burst into tears when they recognized their daughter’s body

According to Orientaldaily, the family and some close friends of Hong Kong (China) model Thai Thien Phuong (Abby Choi) were present at morgue on the morning of February 28 to identify the body. The two-hour process took place under strict police supervision.

Media observers noted that Abby Choi’s parents and Chris, her current husband, were present. They wore sunglasses, masks, and avoided camera lenses.”Relatives and friends are all heartbroken to see Abby Choi’s incomplete body. Her birth mother burst into tears in the arms of her son-in-law,” a friend of Thien Phuong shared.

After completing the body identification, the group moved to Long Vi village, where the victim passed away. Today marks 7 days since Thai Thien Phuong went missing and was killed.Abby Choi’s family set up a mourning table and prayed for her early release. Her parents invited some religious leaders and prepared offerings according to Daoist rituals. The rest of the group lit candles and cried during the ceremony.

“She was taken advantage of by others because of her kindness, poor girl. Don’t worry anymore! Rest easy. The family is very grateful to have had you, but regrets your short fate,” the model’s aunt cried.

Video Abby Choi Autopsy Report

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